Sunday, August 28, 2011

Daily 5

Well, I have started the Daily 5 with my kindergarteners.  We have learned and reviewd the three ways to read a book and have modeled appropriate and innappropriate ways to read to self.  We began building stamina last Monday, and to be's not going well.  I am not sure what to expect, since this is the first time I've ever tried daily 5.  I know with kindergarteners, especially at the beginning of the scool year, the only option they have is to read the pictures-- but even having them do that seems too cumbersome. 

I goofed at first by allowing the students to choose their own spot to read, but that was quickly fixed by me assigning each student a place to read.  I am also having a hard time not "eyeing" a student when they are talking or making noise.  When every other student is participating correctly, I hate having to signal to come back to the carpet :o/  (we might be building stamina all year! ha!)

Another mistake I am making is only allowing student to have one book at a time. This week I am breaking out their book bags (AKA: Ziplock bags) to stash several books in at a time. 

Okay, week two of the daily 5 starts tomorrow... Let's hope we make progress!

Any other kindergarten teachers out there with Daily 5 success?  Please give me all your secrets!!!

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